Contrast is here!!!

Saturday June 15th was the launch of Games Workshops new line of Contrast. We had a paint and take event at the store where you can come in and try out the entire line of paints. We primed up about 4 boxes of 13 Nights Watch Sworn brothers and we went through it all so I want to thank everyone for the support.

When these paints where announced I was not to optimistic about it. Games Workshop marketed it as a way to get the build up of gray you had done. Many other people where claiming it was liquid skill in a bottle. I got my hands on some last week to play with and I quickly changed my opinion about them.


The Fyreslayer took me 20 mins and the Stark bowmen 4 mins.

The key to these paints in the primer that Games Workshop released along with the line. I herd rumors that it was just a different sheen etc and this is simply not true. I tried many types of hardware primers with no success. So for now if I want to use this paint I need to pay 17 bucks or so a can. For me that is worth it because it does your base and shade in one step so it saves time. You can go in later with highlights to finish it off or leave it as is because from war game distance it looks really good.

The reception this paint line had during the release event was pretty amazing. As I said earlier we went through a ton of models and every one was extremely impressed with the results. I think Games Workshop missed the mark by only showing space marines in their how to videos. These work best on models with dynamic detail and lots of recesses. I did try to prime over the pre-primed Wizkids deep cuts and it worked but the results weren’t as good as going over bare plastic.

The final total on Saturday was about 500 paints sold and 40 cans of contrast primer so again thanks for all the support.

Is this liquid skill in a bottle? I think not but It is a great tool to have for all level of painters. When Games Workshop invited the worlds best painters to Warhammer World some of the things they could do with those paints where pretty remarkable. There is a learning curve when using this stuff and I am happy to answer any questions that I can about it. You can order the line here but due to shipping regulations and cost it is extremely difficult to ship aerosols they are only available pickup so I expect this product to sell well in store but not online.

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