Review of Outer Rim (by Justin Taylor)

Star Wars: Outer Rim Review

Set your navcomputer to the Outer Rim and jump to lightspeed with Fantasy Flight Game’s newest Star Wars board game. Star Wars: Outer Rim is a competitive pick up and deliver game set in the Star Wars galaxy for 1 to 4 players. After learning to play it takes about 2-4 hours depending on your player count. The learn to play booklet gets your game set up quickly and playing right away. The solo mode introduces an AI deck that controls a second character for you to race against. The rules for the AI will mostly play like a live player but there are a few interactions and choices that need referencing in the manual until you get used to it.

Your goal is to become the most famous/infamous first, this defaults to 10 points but can be lowered or raised to shorten or extend the game length. While the players are in a race against each other there is low player interaction during the game. The 4 patrols representing the various factions in the outer rim do more to hinder your plans than each other. If you play one
of the various bounty hunter characters there is a higher chance to get bounties on the crew of another player, which is when the players might fight one another.

Outer Rim’s rounds find a rhythm quickly keeping the gameplay moving with little downtime between turns. The market decks that have the various jobs and bounties that you can earn fame from are limited in their depth. This leads to replay value to be hindered in seeing new content all the time and you will eventually start to remember the outcomes of the contacts you

Overall, I would recommend the game for Star Wars fans looking for an easy game to pick up and play without the complex rulesets of the other Star Wars games. If you are looking for a complex strategy game with extremely high replay value this is not the game you are looking for,move along.

Review by: Justin Taylor, Host of Tabletop Arcanum
For a longer review download the podcast version from Tabletop Arcanum Episode 23. You can order your copy here!

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