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Choose Your Future! Alternity is back-and it's better than ever! Explore

your favorite visions of sci-fi adventure with the core rulebook for

the Alternity Science Fiction Roleplaying Game from Sasquatch Game

Studio. Featuring modular rules that you can customize for your favorite

flavor of science fiction, the Alternity Core Rulebook gives players

the freedom to recreate a beloved sci-fi setting or create their own.

No two characters are the same: be a cyborg, android, mutant, or alien;

seek adventure as a zero-G marine, starship pilot, psionic warrior,

assassin, or secret agent.

In a typical session, you'll outwit rogue AIs, win deadly dogfights

among the asteroid belt, and blast wardroids into their constituent

atoms. Not bad for a Thursday night!

The game handles genres from space opera to hard SF to postapocalyptic

survival. Alternity is a flexible toolbox designed by gamemasters, for


Alternity's rules emphasize fast resolution and improv play.

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