Epic Spell Wars Of The Battle Wizards Melee At Murdershroom Marsh

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Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre was the inconveniently long-titled first chapter in the war to end all wars. It was pretty awesome. The second Epic Spell Wars was way more awesomer. Now, the third Epic Spell Wars

game is here to make the first two look totally dumb...unless you

haven't bought the first two yet, in which case they're still pretty

cool. If you thought being snared in the absurdity of an eternal Wizard

war where life and death carry no meaning was a hoot in the first two

games, well, my friend, you'll need to bring a change of underwear this


Melee at Murdershroom Marsh is a hazy, drug-induced

bender battler for supremacy amongst 2-6 fellow Wizards. You'll possess

unbridled magical power to rule the intemperate battlefield as you see


128 Spell Cards
25 Treasure Cards
25 Dead Wizard Cards
8 Oversized Wizard Cards
7 Last Wizard Standing Tokens
15 Kill Tokens
6 Skull Life Counters
5 Six-sided Dice
1 Rulebook
1 Murdershroom!

Ages: 15+
Players: 2-6
Game Length: 30-45 minutes

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