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Achilles Ridgerunners range into deadly frontier environments, their

pilots scanning for promising resource deposits and communicating their

location back to base. Though well equipped to engage enemy scouts and

outriders, the Achilles Ridgerunner's true qualities lie in its ability

to rove ahead of the cult's main forces, scouting out potential ambush

sites and routes of ingress into the foe's territory.


Ridgerunners are fast-moving buggies capable of carrying a significant

amount of ordnance. They can also operate as a vital support vehicle for

units of Atalan Jackals, giving that unit even more manoeuvrability.

Equipped with two heavy stubbers, it can also take either a heavy mining

laser, a heavy mortar or a missile launcher, providing any Genestealer

Cults player with useful toolbox for dealing with any enemy.


pack contains a single plastic Achilles Ridgerunner armed with two

heavy stubbers, and a choice of either a heavy mining laser, a heavy

mortar, or a missile launcher. It comes with a host of other options and

optional wargear, and a single 120mm oval base.

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