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A master of gene-manipulation and bio-alchemy, the Biophagus is

responsible for industrialising the process of indoctrination and

infection. They concoct devious new contaminants that infect their

victims with xenos genetics, morphing their body and mind, and rendering

them susceptible to the sinister influence of the cult. A Patriarch may

grant the Biophagus a Familiar, a scuttling assistant that sneaks into

safeguarded facilities to disperse chemical agents into watersumps or

air filtration bellows.

As well as providing considerable buffs

to a nearby Genestealer Cults Aberrant unit, the Biophagus is a

formidable melee fighter in its own right, making great use of his

lethal injector goad. His Alchemicus Familiar can also assist him as he

seeks to improve the fighting prowess of his mutated brethren, helping

to make the hulking Aberrants in your army even more dangerous.


Biophagus is a multipart plastic miniature armed with a holstered

autopistol and an injector goad, and is accompanied by an Alchemicus

Familiar. The set contains 10 parts and is supplied with two 25mm round


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