Infinity: ALEPH Asuras (Spitfire)

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Asuras are ALEPH's elite, some of the finest Heavy Infantry in the

Sphere. They use modified Boddhishatva model bodies: military grade

state-of-the-art Lhosts, protected by highly absorbent subdermal

armor-plates. They can carry out long campaigns without resting and

never show fatigue. Magnificently prepared and highly qualified, Asuras

are the best of the best, a superior category of special operatives.

Their missions are the greatest challenges, the most severe and

intensive operations, and the most dangerous threats. The code-name

Asura couldn't fit them better, as in Vedic mythology these beings were

the both the oldest of gods, with hidden powers, and terrible spirits

completely devoted to destruction.

Asuras of the Special Situations Section are first rate storm troops. They can work individually or in small units to assault and destroy enemy positions, act as armed escorts in high conflict hostile environments, or carry out electronic and psychological warfare operations. Disdainful and implacable, Asuras never drop their pace, never hesitate in the face of enemy fire and never break formation. They are the perfect infantry, killing and dying without hesitation, like a sublime incarnation of the most pure and heartless arithmetic.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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