Infinity: Ariadna Brigadier Jacques Bruant, Sous-officier des Metros (Molotok)

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"Bruant is no more than a man. But a man gifted with an advantage. He is a mean swine. A mean and dark swine."

- Colonel Yevgueni Voronin, Cossack Diplomatic Corps. First Expeditionary Corps to Paradiso assessment session. O-12's local offices. Matr.

Bruant is not a hero, not in the classical way at least, but he will do anything to survive; and he is the kind of person who considers it an outrage that someone tries to kill him, so he will always attempt to take down anyone trying to do so. Although these are not the best military qualities, and especially not exemplary ones, they seem to be enough to turn him into a good soldier...though not exactly one who gets promoted or receives awards.

Summarizing, Bruant is too grim for anybody to want him as anything more than a team leader. Truth is, he's the kind of man you want by your side in combat, but not one you would want to introduce to your children.

Metal components.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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