Infinity: Ariadna Cameronians (Chain Rifle, AP CCW)

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"Deas Gu Cath" (Ready for the fight)

Cameronian Regiment's motto.

"Let's be honest, a Dogface does not have many options in Caledonia. Well, you always have mining and such like, of course...But I'm talking about real options, those that give you money and chicks. Things like working as a thug for some important clan - but no clan is going to accept you just like that. They will ask you about your previous experience. And where are you going to get that? On the street? Not enough for the important clans. You have to join the army. And if you don't want to go too far, the Cameronians are the best...But, I tell you, we don't want pussies here. We'll teach you the basics of the profession: To kill. How to avoid being killed is something you'll have to learn on yourself. Here we'll teach you to hate your enemy, to gut him and to want to do him the most possible harm. We'll teach you how to accept the evil beast you have inside, we'll teach you how to unchain it and make the most of it in combat. You'll learn how to wallow in bloody fury. Read the regiment's motto kid...'Ready for the fight.' That's our spirit! With the Cameronians you'll always jump into battle in your Dog-Warrior shape, because that's your real aspect, your own true and lethal self - the one that makes the enemy crap his pants when he sees you. This is the one we want - and when you finish your tour of duty, if you survive, then you can try and be accepted into a clan...or reenlist if you want. Because when one of our own has tasted blood, he always wants more.

Sergeant recruiter Mike Cochrane, Silver Unicorn Pub, Scone, Caledonia, Ariadna.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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