Infinity: Ariadna Desperadoes

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Wild and violent groups of Antipodes infest the

Southern region of USAriadna, and what is the local authorities'

solution? To send a group even more wild and violent to put an end to

them. Very well, and when they have done it, who will free us of these


The Desperadoes are a border security force,

comprised of killers and gunmen who operate outside the Constitutional

restrictions regarding the use of force. All of this began with the

brutal incursions of the Antipode warrior nomad tribes through the

Southern border of Jackson. In order to control them without having to

resort to the federal Army, the state government established the

so-called "Blood Contracts Law," better known as the "Scalp Law." With

this they offered large sums of money for the death of Antipode

warriors. They asked for only the hairy leather scalps because of the

complexity of transporting the heads or bodies in varying states of

decay across the frontier desert during the long weeks of a hunt.

Metal components.

1 Desperado (Boarding Shotgun)
1 Desperado (2 Heavy Pistols)

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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