Infinity: Ariadna Para-Commandos 2 (Rifle)

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"Preux et audacieux" (Proud and audacious)

1st Para-command Regiment motto.

The First of Para-Commandos is the Merovingian airborne infantry regiment that serves as an immediate response and interdiction unit.

Para-Commandos are the first to arrive in combat, usually deployed even before the battle starts. The role of the First of Para-Commandos is to do the nasty work of the light infantry: airborne incursions, rapid advances, ambushes and fast retreats to the recovery point. The Para-Commandos are the typical guys who have a dangerous job which they love. Blusterers? If they were not as good as they are nobody would forgive them for being so vain...

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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