Infinity: Ariadna Roger Van Zant, Cpt. 6th Airborne (Heavy Pistol, AP CCW)

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Roger Van Zant is a big, bull-necked guy with a

bristly goatee and a shaven head, a guy who likes beer and doughnuts.

He's a callous officer, the kind that was promoted from a runt by the

sheer weight of his distinguished services. As a person, Van Zant is

authoritarian, offensively honest, irritable and obstinate to a fault.

His character inspires mixed feelings. He can display a charismatic

personality when he wants to, but other officers have come to hate his

guts after locking horns with him one time too many.

Metal components.

1 Roger Van Zant (Heavy Pistol + AP CCW)

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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