Infinity: Ariadna Traktor Muls. Regiment of Artillery and Support

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Ariadnan artillery emplacements are not very modern and are primarily

based around philosophies of saturation by fire as opposed to precision.

However, a lack of high technology has its advantages. First of all,

your artillery pieces are more resistant and durable, avoiding many

problems of traction, humidity, etc. Secondly, you can be undetectable

electronically, as your electromagnetic emissions are very low or

non-existent. And thirdly, everything (maintenance, spare parts, etc.)

is cheaper. The Ariadnan artillery regiments usually opt for pieces of

medium caliber, multi-purpose and light, but with enough firepower to

paralyze any enemy offensive by themselves. They have mobile units

perfectly adapted to the dense Ariadnan forests and rough mountains. The

difficult Ariadnan geography does not allow artillery units to rely on

supply lines. With ammunition often limited in quantity, it is

imperative that the most is made from the salvos available. To avoid

running out of supplies in the middle of a campaign, the unarmed

versions of the Traktor Mul have become the equipment and material

transport units for Ariadnan advanced forces. Thanks to the great

mobility of these machines, Ariadnan soldiers can always count on an

extra quantity of supplies wherever they are. And they can also count on

devastating fire support.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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