Infinity: Combined Army Raktorak Morat Sergeant Major

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In Morat Aggression Forces, Raktorak is the most

elevated rank among the non-commissioned officers and designates a

veteran soldier with superior organizational and combative qualities. In

every regiment there is usually a Raktorak for each company, assigned

as assistant and right hand of the captain or commanding officer.

Considered to be "first among peers" amongst the Morat non-commissioned officers, the Raktorak serves as an intermediary between the soldiers and the commanding officer, in charge of establishing and maintaining the discipline and behavior standards of the company. As a sign of respect, officers refer always to Raktoraks by their ranktitle followed by their name, an old custom harking back to the Knife Renaissance.

Metal components.

1 Raktorak, Morat Major Sergeant (Vulkan Shotgun)

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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