Infinity: Combined Army Special Operative Ko Dali

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A former sergeant of the Tiger Soldiers with a dark past in the service

of the Y?nj?ng, Yu Jing's Military Intelligence department, from which

she was expelled in disgrace, Ko Dali was a living legend in the

StateEmpire army. A lover of danger and an expert in spectacular

actions, this experienced and lethal special operations commando was

declared dead during a mission behind enemy lines on Paradiso. But all

felines have nine lives and death was not able to sink its claws into

the Silk Tigress. Seriously wounded, she was captured by the troops of

the Combined Army, who placed her directly into the hands of the EI.

Unconfirmed reports say Ko Dali was healed and genetically altered to be

even better than she was before. But she was also Sepsitorized, turning

her loyalty unconditionally towards the EI and turning her against her

old friends and even her race. Now, Ko Dali is back, more deadly and

lethal than ever, like a grim omen of what awaits the Human Sphere. The

most beautiful tigress of Yu Jing is the new banner of the EI. Ko Dali

has declared war on humanity and so far she has never failed in her

mission. The countdown to conquest has begun!

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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