Infinity: Combined Army Speculo Killer (Monofilament CCW, Combi Rifle)

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The Speculo Killers are the pinnacle of the Shavastii infiltration

corps. The Continuum has created the perfect spies and assassins.

Their advanced technology of genetic development can duplicate, from a generic biosynthetic body, an almost perfect replica of the person to be supplanted in less than 36 hours standard. Their clothes are made from a sophisticated holographic tissue, able to metamorphose and adapt itself to any new shape. To all effects, after eliminating their objective, they will turn into him, carrying on with his life as if nothing ever happened, until they are close to their main target. At that moment, the sleeping agent will wake up. The Speculo Killers act with a creepy efficiency, almost beautiful but perfect and lethal.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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