Infinity: Combined Army The Charontids (HMG)

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The Charontids are the light combat incarnation of the personality

Aspects of the EI. The perfect soldiers, they march a whole week without

sleeping, tolerate any level of sunlight and gravity, are able to

breathe in any type of atmosphere and are not disturbed by any smell.

They can eat any organic substance in order to survive. They have the best equipment the Ur Rationalist can make. Their systems of hypersensitive sensors and radar/sonar are scattered on plates all over their body armour in order to receive a global image of their surroundings. Charontids see absolutely everything. You can run but never hide from them. In classic Greek, Charontid means roughly, "those who are like Charonte", or "the sons of Charonte", the boatman of souls. This name was transmitted by the EI across all human military channels from Paradiso as a presentation of their new campaign toys in a sinister display of technological superiority.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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