Infinity: Combined Army The Hungries: Gakis and Pretas

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The Hungries are combat light operatives. They belong to a bastard race

found by the EI on some forgotten planet. The difference between Gakis

and Pretas is in the presence of the male, a symbiont parasite hosted at

the base of the skull. This male-symbiont, in order to feed itself,

disrupts the body biochemistry of the female-host (Gaki), accelerating

neuronal connections and giving her a greater intelligence. The

resulting being is a Preta that, even though it will not be completely

rational, will have an improved learning capacity and a greater ability

to manipulate objects. The EI trains them with a trial-reward system,

stimulating artificially their sensations of hunger. That is the reason

for their military designation inside the Combined Army as "The

Hungries". The humans met them on Paradiso and called them Gakis and

Pretas, cannibal phantoms in Japanese and Hindi, for the fierceness of

their attacks and because they like to move in packs. Their main

military use is deterrence and the rupturing of enemy lines. Experience

has taught human troops that it is not wise to allow them to get too

close. The Hungries are trained to be more insidious than intelligent.

They carry close combat weapons as modified arm-claws, and the Pretas,

thanks to the presence of the male-symbiont, can expulse wide sprays of

small calcareous excrescences at great speed with the efficacy of a

shrapnel weapon. The Pretas also posses the capacity to exude globules

loaded with neurotoxins called Bio-mines, an evolutionary advantage

developed to protect their egg laying places. The Hungries prefer to

move in groups, following random patterns simultaneously to provide more

possibilities for victory. They are worse than they appear, the speed

and determination of their attacks turning them into relentless and

terrifying enemies. As is commonly aid about them, they will never

renounce to their pound of flesh.

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