Infinity: Combined Army The Shrouded (Sniper)

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The Shasvastii Pioneers are the spear point of the Continuum

Expeditionary Forces. They reconnoitre the terrain, picking up

information, evaluating real and potential dangers and carrying out

preventative attacks when necessary.

In times of peace, they search around for possible settlements for future colonies of the Shavastii Continuum. In times of war, they turn into a nightmare for the intelligence services of their enemies, devoting themselves to causing trouble and extending misery. The Shrouded are specialists in surveillance, guerrilla and sabotage missions, and their equipment is most efficient for these activities. Their combat suits are an awe-inspiring example of quantronic miniaturization. They consist of an overlapping series of fabrics, composed by tissues made from bio-quantronic compounds that reduce their infrared signal, avoiding terrestrial sensors. The exterior layer is equipped with mimetic and wave absorption cells to merge with their environment and remain unnoticed. The final look of the combat suit of the Shrouded is similar to a shroud, prompting human troops to give them their name.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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