Infinity: Haqqislam Hassassin Barid (Hacker)

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The Hassassin Society draws its power from the indisputable and proven

fact that no one can be safe from them. No defense strategy is really

effective, because the Hassassin have no need for an escape route: for

these expert killers their own deaths are a possibility assumed from the

get-go. There is no safe place to hide, because for the Hassassin there

are no insurmountable obstacles or barriers. The Hassassin lurk among

us freely, and can approach their victims unnoticed wherever they have

sought refuge. In today's world, where society moves more often through

information networks than physically, the Hassassin need to have

cyber-action capacity. It is therefore little wonder that some of the

sect acolytes are specialized in data sphere operations. The designation

of these Hassassin is Barid, "messenger", for they must deliver the

message that any threat to the Search for Knowledge is paid for dearly.

The task of the Barid is to trace the movements of their objectives

through the data sphere, mapping their activity in the network as

reference documentation and intelligence data for all other Hassassin

operatives. But the real work of the Barid, what they excel at, is

cyber-combat: neutralizing cyber-threats and hostile elements which

operate via networks. In the style of the society, the Barid are

cyber-assassins capable of eliminating their targets with gleaming

cyber-attacks that fry brains and systems in a flash of destruction. A

sudden and spectacular death is the signature of the Hassassin Society

as much in the virtual world as in the real world.

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