Infinity: Haqqislam Hassassin Farzans (Boarding Shotgun, Contender)

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Farzan, Persian word for "Wise Man", is the title for the Hassassin

masters and instructors. Experienced and veteran combatants, their role

is to guide and train the sect's young novices in martial techniques as

well as in the philosophy of the Hassassin path. As masters, the Farzan

conduct general classes, called Subhas, a hybrid mixing of special

forces training sessions and theology classes of a religious nature. But

they also act as spiritual advisors, becoming the personal guide for

each one of their disciples, following the tradition of the mystical

educators of Sufism.

One of a Farzan's duties is to follow the career of his disciples, looking for those who eventually prove to have the necessary qualities to receive the title of "Wise Man". Only those who have proven to have the greatest tactical skills, as well as a deep knowledge of Haqqislamite teachings, can aspire to become masters. The only way in which a Hassassin can reach the title of Farzan is through the rite of the Khilafah. In this ceremony, whose name means "Succession", the instructor names a disciple as his successor, granting him the official authorization of the sect to become master of those Elham (Paths of Knowledge) in which he has excelled, and to continue the work of the one who was his guide.

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