Infinity: Haqqislam Sekban Special Naval Unit

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The Sekban Unit was created by the Sultan as a regular

voluntary corps to serve as a defense force for Haqqislamite orbitals

and caravansaries. The voluntary character of the unit was the reason it

received the name of the old irregular musketeer regiments of the

Ottoman Empire, which also used volunteer troops. Initially, the Sekban

were a garrison unit, without a calling or training as an elite force.

Its members were expected by the High Command and the general population

to serve as a deterrent for pirates and raiders, and little more. But

that changed with the tragic events of the Silk Revolts. When dissident

Silk traders turned against the government after Hachib Mudassar decreed

strict fiscal reforms, and used their vast resources to hire

mercenaries to consolidate their power base, the Sekban remained firm

and loyal. All the money in the hands of those who wanted to establish a

plutocracy and oppress their families and neighbors could not buy the

loyalty of a corps steeped in Haqqislamite ideals and with a duty to


Metal components.

1 Sekban (Boarding Shotgun)
1 Sekban (Spitfire)
1 Sekban (AP Rifle)
1 Sekban (Chain-colt)

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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