Infinity: Haqqislam Special Deterrance Group Azra`il (AP HMG)

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The Azra'il are veteran elite troops who have fallen

into disgrace. The Jamdariyah, the Sultan's personal guard, is renewed

with each Sultan. Every time a new one is elected by the people, his

head of security disbands the previous Jamdariyah.

Some of the members stay on with the new Sultan, but those who are politically suspect cannot keep their old rank. However, they can't be sent back to their former regiments either, because, having been part of the Sultan's guard, who knows what they may have seen or heard? This is why they are sent to the Azra'il Special Deterrent Group, where their talents can be used, but where they can also be closely monitored.

Metal components.

1 Azra'il (AP HMG)

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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