Infinity: Nomads `Iguana` Squadron

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The Tactical Armored Gear of the Iguana squads is not the best or newest

that can be found on the market, but it has strong mechanical systems

and is easy to repair on campaign. In addition, it has received an

optimization package developed in Bakunin. The Iguana is one of the few

TAGs to incorporate a pilot ejection system, a Praxis experimental

technology that improves the survival chances of the obsolete

Iguana-class TAGs. The pilot's ejectable armor provides high

anti-ballistic protection and, more importantly, allows him to carry the

Iguana's main weaponry. Thanks to this system, a pilot can quickly move

away from a fallen TAG and remain as an active element in its combat


To take maximum advantage of the possibilities of these armored units, the Iguana squad emphasizes the physical and mental training of their pilots. The Nomad Military Force is assured that Iguana's combat success has always been based on its aggressive spirit and its pilot's technical skills. Used to facing technologically superior adversaries, their training and tenacity are responsible for levelling the playing field.

This box includes:

1 Iguana TAG (HMG)

1 Iguana Operator (HMG)

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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