Infinity: Nomads Corregidor Jaguars (4)

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Jaguars are yet another of Juan Sarmiento's strokes of

genius. Known as the Mexican General, Sarmiento was one of the founding

fathers of the Corregidor Jurisdictional Command. When everyone saw the

maras' gang-like organizations that sprouted from the initial chaos of

Lazareto as a problem to be solved, he saw them as a reliable source of

veteran warriors, made callous by a history of street violence and with

the honed killer instincts of rabid felines.

Metal components.

1 Corregidor Jaguar (Light Shotgun)
1 Corregidor Jaguar (Chain Rifle)
1 Corregidor Jaguar (DA CCW)
1 Corregidor Jaguar (Panzerfaust)

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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