Infinity: Nomads Daktari (Doctor)

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Daktari, Dak for short, means doctor in swahili. The denomination comes

from Corregidor where there had once been an association of doctors of a

somewhat dubious reputation, who, in order to avoid a hefty fine for

contaminating their patients, offered to serve for a time in the Nomad

Military Forces.

The doctors were distributed amongst the various regiments. As they were unaccustomed to combat, they developed a knee-jerk reaction of proffering insults and colourful interjections in their native tongue, whilst trying to stabilize the Nomad soldiers in the middle of cross-fire. This miscellaneous string of insults and improprieties established itself as a kind of calming mantra for the wounded, who knew when they heard it, that they were saved. In this way, the Swahili tongue became a kind of battle language for the Daks, the Nomad Campaign Doctors.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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