Infinity: Nomads Hellcats (Boarding Shotgun)

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The Immediate Deployment and Interdiction Regiment of Corregidor has

received the nickname of Hellcats because of the fierceness of its

members and its specialization in extreme tactics.

It is really important to be made of a special kind of guts to take part in the work of these units. The standard types of mission of the Hellcats consists in jumping from aero transport in the middle of the din of battle, armed only with their personal equipment and the best wishes of their commander, without any hope of support. Despite the high risk to its operatives the Hellcats are renowned for their high morale. The idea that these guys have in their head is that if they have survived these type of missions until now, then there is nothing to worry about!

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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