Infinity: Nomads Prowlers (Combi Rifle, ADHL)

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Bakunin's military jurisdictional command has divided its Special

Operations Command into units with different operative functions. While

Zeros are specialized in forward reconnaissance and information

gathering, with a profile essentially based on subtlety, the Special

Action Service has a harder and more aggressive tactical profile.

Prowlers introduce themselves as specialists in "surgical offensives",

carrying out missions with a high level of independence from their main

forces. They have rapidly earned a reputation in performing operations

behind enemy lines, thanks to skills that could almost be described as

superhuman. Thanks to their aggressive operating profile, Prowler units

can also work as frontline storm troops. The peculiar nature of their

missions guarantees enemy contact and high probabilities of ending up

dead or captured. That's why, after the bitter experiences of the

Phantom Conflict, all service members replace their Cubes with fast

download ports, making external recordings before each mission to avoid

information being extracted by the enemy from their heads, be they dead

or alive. The Special Action Service is a sort of improved commando

unit, with competences and specific skills, created with the sole

purpose of making early contact with the enemy and causing the most

possible damage. Their training, which is awfully difficult, qualifies

them to cover the entire Direct Action operations spectrum. And when

that's not so, when the situation is so strange or desperate that it

goes beyond their operating profile, this is when they start to

improvise in an emphatically lethal way.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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