Infinity: Nomads Sin-Eater Observants (Sniper)

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There are technical terms in Psychiatry manuals that could be applied to

Observants. And they are all correct. After all, what else could be

expected from acolytes of a hybrid sect of archaic Christian traditions

and Mediterranean paganism? It is a matriarchal sect; the masculine

presence is tolerated for two reasons: pragmatism and expiation of the

masculine condition. The Observants exist to suffer, to purge the sins

and errors of the Observance and so make sure it remains pure and

incorruptible in the path of the Knife's truth. To do this, Sin-Eaters

undergo brutal and intoxicating mystery rituals of redemption, ecstasy

and pain, whose tradition sinks deep into the dark night of history. The

skin of their back is a cartographic study of suffering. Their scars

are numerous and often horrible. Their body is a parchment inscribed by

pain and violence. The Observants suffer secret ceremonies in which the

stigmata of their implants is activated and the sacred nails hammered in

along their spine are blessed with purifying electrowater and

nanotechnological ashes. In their pilgrimage to mystical communion with

the Lady of Mercy, they stoically assume whatever punishment the Order

imposes on them, because they are its protectors: they absorb its sins,

protect its sacred shrines, escort the most ancient superiors and cover

the reckless advance of the Reverends in combat. The force of their

faith and of their compromise is absolute. They are aware that Evil, be

it ALEPH or its alien counterpart, is preparing. They know the enemies

they have to face are servants of death and despair, anti-life apostles

whose objective is mankind's eternal slavery and the destruction of

human will. They know the Observance is the first and last real line of

defense against these monsters. They recognize that their sacred mission

is to send their adversaries to the depths of a darkness that exists

lower than hell. The Observants absorb the world's sins to be able to

return them to the enemy, multiplied a hundredfold by the anger and the

glorious fire of the Holy Virgin of the Knife.

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