Infinity: PanOceania Swiss Guard (HMG)

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"Acriter et fideliter" (Strenuously and loyally)

Historical motto of the Swiss Guard.

The Swiss Guard is composed of professional warriors who watch over the security of the Church and the Holy See of San Pietro on Neoterra, and it keeps the tradition of recruiting its members only from the former Swiss cantons. Recruits undergo strict training, after which they will undergo a year of service.

If they want to continue their career in the Swiss Guard, they must ask for an extended leave of absence to be transferred to other regular units of the PanOceanian army. They will not be able to ask to rejoin the Swiss Guard until having served a year in a crisis zone and gaining a combat record with several honourable mentions. Because of this, all those who rejoin the guards have the rank of non-commissioned officers. The Swiss Guard constitutes the Special Action Group attached to the PanOceanian Heavy Infantry and has at its disposal the most advanced weapons technology of the Human Sphere. Besides security, the Swiss Guard takes care of Direct Action operations, assaults and the seizure of strategically vital areas and the interdiction of enemy forces. In combat, the Swiss Guards are usually designated to the most dangerous areas and the most violent mission...their history and tradition obliges them to go.

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