Infinity: Yu Jing Daofei (HMG)

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The Daofei are Heavy Infantry specialized in infiltration and survival in hostile environments.

The Tactical Reconaissance Section of the Invincible Army combines instruction in infiltration techniques with that of Heavy Infantry combat. The Daofei Units receive their name (Bandits) because of the graduation trial they have to pass in the State Scouts School. This trial consists of leaving them without food or weapons for two months in the inhospitable lands of Dailing, where they must survive by competing with poachers, bandits, smugglers, fugitives and the zone's police force that treats the Daofei even worse than the above-mentioned thugs. In order to survive in this territory it is necessary that they devote themselves to robbing and pillaging, which besides alarming the police, attracts local professionals who are not ready to share their territory with any foreign arriviste. This is the point where the trial gets complicated and people start to die. Survivors are toughened infiltrators and enter the Daofei Section, where they will accomplish very similar missions to their graduation trial but using better equipment.

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