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A Warhammer Age of Sigmar novel

During the greatest battles of the War for Life, the Stormcast Eternals

suffered a great tragedy: the Hallowed Knights Lord-Castellant Lorus

Grymn was lost to the Realm of Chaos. Now his fellow Steel Souls venture

into the domain of Nurgle himself in search of their lost comrade…


It's a return to the Mortal Realms… sort of. It's something new for the

Age of Sigmar as the Stormcast Eternals take on Chaos not just in the

usual places, but right in the very heart of the Dark Gods' own domain.


As the War for the Realm of Life continues, Lord-Castellant Lorrus Grymn

leads the battered remnants of the Steel Souls warrior chamber against

the sargasso-citadels of the Verdant Bay. The Hallowed Knights claim

victory, but at a terrible cost – Grymn is lost to Realm of Chaos. Now

Gardus, newly-reforged and fresh from the destruction of the Scabrous

Sprawl, must lead his warriors into the foetid heart of Nurgle's realm

in search of the Lord-Castellant, where they must once more brave the

horrors of the Realm of Decay...

Written by Josh Reynolds.

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