Ultimate Guard: Sidewinder ChromiaSkin Deckbox 100+: Red

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  • Chromia Skin Heat-sensitive material that changes it's color wherever you touch it.
  • Your hands will leave prints, which create amazing new patterns and looks every time you touch the surface. The prints fade after a while and the deck case will go back to it's initial look.
  • Additional visual protection: you will clearly see, when someone unauthorized has been touching your deck case recently, so nobody will try to meddle with your deck inside.
  • Soft-touch surface: The new material has an incredibly smooth and silky-soft feel to it.
  • Holds up to 100 double-sleeved or 120+ single-sleeved cards, standard size. Size: approx. 79 x 104 x 88 mm. 4 magnets for a precise and robust closure
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