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Theddra Skull-scryer, war shaman of the Tribe of the Black Fang, leads a

Godsworn Hunt into the depths of the Mirrored City, seeking worthy

sacrifices to pledge to the Chaos pantheon.

The Godsworn Hunt

bring the ferocity, speed and ruthlessness of the Darkoath to the

ultimate competitive miniatures game. A flexible warband capable of

playing aggressively or holding objectives, they're perfect if you're

looking to win with cunning, speed and sheer brutality. Inside this set,

you’ll find 6 all-new push fit models, representing each of the

Godsworn Hunt, plus Fighter cards to keep track of their rules.


set also features 60 unique cards only available in this set for

building your Warhammer Underworlds decks. Harness the dark abilities of

the Godsworn Hunt with a set of warband-specific objectives, upgrades,

ploys and spells, or enhance any warband with 31 powerful universal

cards that anyone can use.

What’s more, you can use the Godsworn

Hunt in your games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar with your Slaves to

Darkness army thanks to a free warscroll – find it in the Downloads tab.

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