Zombicide Green Horde

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The zombie plague knows no frontier! And now, our old Orc foes have

fallen. It's no longer a matter of us versus them. It's a matter of life

versus death! Orc zombies are now crossing the border, forming a green

horde to bring about the end of times!

But their dark masters,

the necromancers, forgot something in their evil plan: you! As a group

of strong-willed survivors, you're not the type to run in the face of

death. Unite, take arms, and repel the horde with extreme prejudice!

Bring your crossbow, sharpen your best axe, and ready yoru fiery spells: for the few, the brave, it's time for...Zombicide: Green Horde.

72 Miniatures
‣ 6 Survivors
‣ 35 Orc Walkers
‣ 14 Orc Fatties
‣ 14 Orc Runners
‣ 1 Orc Abomination
‣ 1 Orc Necormancer
‣ 1 Trebuchet

9 Game Tiles
6 Survivor Dashboards & ID Cards
6 Survivor Colored Bases
6 Dice
48 Trackers
79 Equipment Cards
54 Zombie Cards
68 Tokens

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-6
Game Length: 60 minutes

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